Omnadren 250, Jelfa 1ml

Omnadren 250, Jelfa 1ml

Product Description

Omnadren is similar to Sustanon only in the fact that each contains four different Testosterone esters. However, they reportedly differed, both in effect and mixture. Both contain Testosterone Propionate and Testosterone Phenylpropionate. But Sustanon contains Testosterone Iscoparoate and Testosterone Decanoate, where as Omnadren contains Testosterone Isohexanoate and Testosterone Hexanoate. This gave Omnadren a distinct higher water retention rating and aromatization factor over Sustanon. (Ester type has an effect upon aromatization rates) Sustanon also remains active a few days longer than Omnadren.

Omnadren provided fast weight and strength build-up. However much of the weight gain was due to water retention from aromatization. This gave users a bloated appearance to the whole body including the face. Most users reported an increased pump, appetite, and training aggressiveness as well as elevate sex drive.

Though Omnadren remains active for 2-3 weeks, users commonly injected multiple times weekly. The noted range of dosage was quite wide as some individuals actually administered 14,000mg or more weekly. This was an unnecessary practice, though some swear it was the best way. Then again, some once thought Jim Jones made great drinks.

From 250mg every 2 weeks to 2000-mg per day? You read that right, 2000-mg per day. A more reasonable dosage of 250-mg -1000-mg weekly was observed by most users.

As is true with one other eastern European country AAS products, Omnadren is said to be manufactured with less concern for impurities. (You should see some of this stuff under a microscope. You would swear the credo for some manufacturing was “After we pee in it we are done”) For this reason, many Omnadren users experienced harsh acne (including small rash like pimples on their arms, chest, back, face, and legs). I have known a couple users who report injection site abscess problems. Surgery will most likely be needed to remove these nasty pus pockets.

So why did athletes use Omnadren? It is cheap and it worked. Omnadren is very androgenic and anabolic. For this reason, mass and strength build-ups were high and rapid. Unfortunately, maintaining these gains post-cycle were not good. An anti-estrogen was reported as almost a must at any dosage with this product and the shut down of natural testosterone production during use was considered normal.

So post-cycle use of HCG, Clomid, Novladex, and Proviron were considered almost a must as well (depending on dosage and cycle length of time). To avoid serious crashing after use, a switch to Nandrolones helped.

Those who have read the second book in this series know that the excessive HPTA function inhibition and post-cycle lean mass tissue loss was mostly avoided with Max Androgen Phases, Tide-Cycles, Cortisol/Estrogen Suppression Phases, Absolute Anabolic Phases, and others.