Methanabol Tablets

Product Description

Methanabol tablets are oral steroids and can affect protein metabolism in the body. This steroid is derived from testosterone and has tough androgenic and anabolic properties. It initiates protein synthesis and has extra ordinary effect on protein metabolism. This effect triggers positive nitrogen stability helping in building up of protein and thus builds up skeletal muscle mass.

Methanabol  is the most famous anabolic steroid obtainable. Dianabol – Methanabol’s fame comes from its ability to give immediate anabolic results. A casual dose of 20 mg to 30 mg a day is sufficient to provide one with stunning results. It is basically mixed with Testosterone Enanthate and Deca Durabolin steroids. In spite of heavy anabolic effects there are usual androgenic problems that erupt sometimes. But overall the users are satisfied with its usefulness. With Dianabol–Methanabol one can see high increase in strength and size. This Dianabol–Methanabol steroid enhances glycogen retention and endurance capability.

The drawback that Dianabol–Methanabol brings is that it has innumerable side effects. It consists of alkylated 17 compounds, which is very poisonous to the liver. Average dose of Dianabol-Methanabol is 15mg to 30 mg daily orally or 50 mg to 100mg weekly in injectable form. Athletes and body builders across the globe regard Dianabol–Methanabol as the most efficient oral steroid ever manufactured. “Breakfast of Champnions” is a right name for this steroid. Dianabol–Methanabol holds a second position to Anadrol 50 is being the most efficient mass and strength enhancing oral steroids but it is not harsh on the system as Anadrol 50.